Monthly Archives: November 2018

MHCI Final Project Proposal

Team Members:

  1. Fio Ambadar (2101704615)
  2. Arkaan Nofarditya Ashadi (2101718425)
  3. William Raharja (2101731351)

Project Details:

For our final project we are using Construct 2 to create a game related to chemistry. The purpose of this game is to help people study and/or review chemistry lessons in a fun and interactive way.

Our game will simulate an escape room. The player will be placed in a chemistry lab and will have to solve chemistry related problems such as calculating chemical reactions in order to progress. The problems will implement high school level chemistry.

My contribution to this project is to create questions as well as creating the graphics and sprites (the player, intro page and tile mapping to be used in Construct 2).