Monthly Archives: April 2018

Database Systems Final Project Proposal

Team Members:

  1. Fio Ambadar (2101704615)
  2. Lamin Gitteh (2101711103)
  3. Titan Russo (2101693624)

Service: Travel, Transportation and Accommodation

Purpose of Service:

Our service provides our user with information regarding available transportation and accommodation based on their selected destination. Our users will be able to select the most convenient option that fits their budget and desired travel date.

Service Details:

  • Provides a list of available transportation based on filters such as destination, travel date and time, etc.
  • Provides the details of selected transportation (transits/stops, departure time, maximum baggage, etc.)
  • Provides options for accommodation in the user’s set destination
  • Provides the details of selected accommodation (bedrooms, price, check-in, etc.)